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Park checks this weekend

LODDON residents and visitors to the region have been urged to follow rules in local parks and forests.

Conservation Regulator and FFMVic authorised officers will be on pagtrol patrols over the weekend to make sure all forest users are respecting the environment. People caught breaking the rules will face on-the-spot fine.

Conservation Regulator Senior Forest and Wildlife Officer, Glenn Smith said whether it be camping, hiking, or driving, the Victorian bush was a great place to get away, but everyone needed to play their part in keeping our parks safe and healthy for all to enjoy.

“It’s the responsibility of every forest and park visitor to maintain a safe environment and anyone caught doing the wrong thing may face penalties,” Mr Smith said.

“Stick to the big network of open roads and tracks in our forests and parks when four-wheel-driving and trail-bike-riding.

“It’s illegal to take vehicles off formed roads as they can significantly impact our native plants and animals as well as pose a danger to those exploring the bushland on foot. 

“Visitors to parks and forests must also take out anything they bring in, including rubbish.

“Anyone lighting a campfire is responsible for ensuring the fire is safe, does not escape and is completely extinguished with water before leaving the site at any time.”

Check conditions on the Vic Emergency website or app before lighting the campfire. In state forests, use a purpose-built fireplace or light a campfire in a trench at least 30cm deep. Branches and logs on a campfire must be less than one metre long.

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