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Sir, In response to Glynn Jarrett and Chrissy Hu’s letters ( Loddon Herald, February 3rd ), I assure you I am not so misinformed as he states.

Since when does a company buy another property to expand its business if it knows that in two years it will close? It looks to the future and the sustainability of that business.

The quota system used by the government ensures that the Kangaroos will still be in sufficient numbers to ensure their survival. The estimated numbers of ‘roos in Victoria by government stats is between 1.2 and 1.3 million . the quota is based on 10 per cent of that number.

This includes those animals destroyed under the farm animal control permit. As this year is looking to be an excellent breeding year for the kangaroo, these quotas are very sustainable in the long term.

If there were no culling then what would happen in drought times when a large number of animals would end up diseased and dying? The last time that happened DELWP personnel had to go around a lot of properties and shoot them and dispose of the carcasses.

The plant is situated out of town for a reason, the previous owners chose that site so that it didn’t upset the town life. Tourists didn’t go out there then, why should they go now?

As for jobs what happened to the Aussie ethic of a fair go for everyone regardless of race or colour? If a person is capable of the work regardless of where they live they should have a chance. The two mills in Bridgewater employ a large number of people from outside the area, I don’t hear complaints about that.

I ask Glynn as a wildlife rescuer, how many kangaroos has he had to euthanase and leave on the side of the road for all roadusers to view? If this facility goes ahead it would alleviate the problem for roadusers as the mobs would be smaller and not vying for space to graze.

Many people support this proposal but don’t speak because of the rhetoric and bias of people like him. Country people love their country but also they use a commonsense approach to sustainable management of their land, livestock and wildlife.

Under the current permit system a land holder can shoot the ‘roos provided they have a valid firearms licence for the category of firearm needed to do the job and then leave them laying on the ground to rot, causing a flystrike problem for the farmer. Or they can get a shooter in who removes the carcasses for processing, this is a win win answer to all the problems.

Nigel Elston


Let community

run and decide

Sir, I write a letter of concern about our local swimming pool.

The unfortunate thing about the whole situation with the Mitiamo swimming pool is a classic example of big business and the dollars and cents governing decisions instead of community well being.

This is a good example of why the running and decision making of these community sevices should be in the hands of the community people they provide for.

Paul Condliffe




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