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Sir, Day care by family or in a purpose built facility of course has lots of positive benefits for our children especially in the early learning department.

The AEDC (Australian Early Childhood Census) recognises that 90 per cent of children’s brain growth occurs by the age of three years .

They say that for the best start in life every child should have an equal opportunity to grow and thrive. The opportunity for access to and availability of quality child support and care is very important to ensure this.

Ideally all children need to learn how to be socially competent, emotionally mature ,and be taught to develop their language and cognitive skills ,communication skills and general knowledge .

We are a community with a culture that prioritises children’s wellbeing so it is important that our education,health and social policy decisions must reflect this .

There is an obvious unfulfilled demand for childcare in the Loddon Shire, particularly in Wedderburn .

Our grandchild is currently cared for by us for one day a week and by a daycare facility in a neighbouring shire for 2 days a week so that her parents can both continue to work.

Alison and Greg Hargreaves


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