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Old pub owner tells

Updated: Jun 9

THE verandah on Inglewood’s historic Royal Hotel will be removed by next May, according to the building’s owner.

Steven Prior said he was working through permit conditions granted by Loddon Shire Council in February to take down the dangerous Brooke Street ver-andah.

“We are working with the historical society to document and photograph the building as it is currently and waiting for a viticulturalist to work on the grapevine,” he said.

Mr Prior said: “It has to happen before May ... it’s sooner rather than later.”

“It (the verandah) is not serving any useful purpose and I think it’s ugly,” he said. Safety barricades have surrounded most of the hotel since last year and the hotel has been closed since November

Mr Prior said the verandah was added to the building in the 1930s or 1940s. The hotel was built in 1864 and designed by prominent goldfields architects William Vahland and Robert Getzshmann.

“We’ll take the building back to what it was,” he said.

Under council’s approval conditions, the historic grapevine must be retained.

Mr Prior expects the hotel will not return to trading until works are completed. “We’ll look to get in a new tenant then. It’s a very historic building and we’re committed to make sure it remains.”

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