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New library opened

A NEW library has been officially opened in Dunolly's historic former police station.

Minister for Local Government Shaun Leane performed the opening today.

The library replaces the previous mobile library van service and features more resources, services, computer access and activities – with a ramp and accessible amenities to ensure locals of all abilities can enjoy the facilities.

The historic building, dating back to 1858, was refurbished by the Central Goldfields Shire Council with a $140,600 grant from the State Government’s Living Libraries Infrastructure Program.

The Living Libraries Infrastructure Program helps councils establish new libraries, or upgrade existing facilities, to deliver better services for local communities.

Since 2015, the Government has invested more than $42.6 million into 109 Living Libraries projects, allowing a total investment of $297.2 million for new libraries, upgrades to existing facilities and library vans.

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