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New crane maps

The State Government says it is making it easier for the heavy vehicle industry to move around the state.

Minister for Ports and Freight Melissa Horne today released eight pre-approved maps – which will give mobile crane operators information about where they can travel on the road network.

The maps – which are an Australian first – are for mobile cranes with 6 to 9-axles and will ensure they can continue delivering projects without the need for a bridge assessment.

The maps will also assist operators with direct access from the ports of Portland, Geelong and Melbourne to a number of depots identified by the industry and several wind farm locations in western Victoria.

The network has been expanded to include key corridors such as the Hamilton, Calder and Glenelg Highways, further facilitating windfarm development in and around those corridors.

Operators will still need to apply for access permits for these cranes but will no longer need individual route assessments on the published routes.

The Government has worked with the Victorian crane industry, including the Crane Industry Council of Australia to develop these new pre-approved route maps.

Publication of the mobile crane maps has been a priority of the Heavy Vehicle Permit Reform Roadmap, funded under the Government’s Regulatory Reform Incentive Fund.

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