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Murray moving north

MURRAY Baud and wife Jacky are preparing for a move to Queensland to be closer to family.

Murray has been extremely active in the Inglewood community since retiring to the town where he had earlier attended school.

The retired technology manager will next month relinquish his position as president of Inglewood and District Community Bank.

Murray is also stepping down from positions with the town’s historical society, eucalyptus distillery museum and other organisations ahead of the November shift north.

An active member of the local Lions club, Murray also served as District V1-4 governor in 2018-2019 and is currently the district’s leadership co-ordinator. He is also a trustee of Lions District V Cancer Foundation.

Murray said: ““I spent time in Inglewood as a teenager and have been connected to the town ever since as I married a local girl. The attraction of retiring back here was to avoid the rat race of the city, where I spent 40 years.”

He and Jacky are currently “plotting the path through various state restrictions” as they began packing for the move to Queensland.

“The grandchildren are getting older and we want to spend more time with them,” Murray said.

“With family so far away in Queensland, we felt the time was now right to make the move and be closer to them.”

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