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MP hopeful on safeguards

Northern Victoria Region MP Tania Maxwell is hopeful safeguards can be achieved for the State Government’s Regulatory Legislation Amendment (Reform) Bill 2021 scheduled to come to the Legislative Council for debate this week.

The bill proposes to change the way the government is required to publish public notices, currently placed in local newspapers but proposed for an online portal.

Ms Maxwell said:

I know thousands of people rely on our regional newspapers to keep up to date on local issues and information.

Despite the big shift to digital platforms, these publications remain a vital source of information in our communities.

I have been speaking with the government about my concerns that shifting the requirement from print to online publication of statutory notices could exclude people from important information and reduce transparency and participation.

The change proposed in the government’s bill affects the publication of more than 400 types of notices. I’ve been working through these issues to try to reach consensus that will safeguard regional media and regional information sharing.

I am optimistic we can reach agreement, so the publication of notices in our vital regional

newspapers continues.

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