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More river flows

North Central Catchment Management Authority has this afternoon announced further follow-up flows in the Loddon River in the coming days to help improve water quality around Canary Island, Durham Ox, and Appin South.

With hot weather on the way, we’re releasing 100 megalitres per day from Loddon Weir and 100 megalitres per day from Laaniecoorie Reservoir for two days to deliver a flow to the target area. About 40 megalitres a day for two days will also run in the upper reaches of Serpentine Creek

"That means the river will also get an added boost as the flow passes through towns such as Newbridge, Bridgewater and Serpentine. Water levels will stay well within the riverbank.

"Water quality issues can arise in sections of the Loddon River downstream of the Loddon Weir at this time of the year, and oxygen levels can drop quickly in response to weather conditions.

"Fish, plants, crustaceans, and water bugs all need water and oxygen to survive, which is why we keep an eye on these parts of the river, especially over summer.

"We plan and set aside water for the environment so we can respond these events and will continue to monitor conditions in as the flow moves through."

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