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Monitor grain in storage

STRATEGIC monitoring and management of grain was required when in storage, according to Birchip Cropping Group’s Chris Warrick.

He said growers assumed they would be taking the same quality grain out of storage as what went in.

“Without strategic monitoring and management this isn’t always they case,” he said.

“This reality can be gut-wrenching for farmers who have gone to the nth degree to protect and nurture their crop throughout the season, who have stored their grain hoping for better returns, only to be downgraded because of quality issues or worse turned away due to insects or phosphine residues.

“This can result in significant losses. By putting some simple strategies in place however these losses can be avoided.”

Mr Warrick will be presenting these strategies at BCG’s Members’ Only Trials Review Day in February.

He said: “If growers go away on holidays or even just for the weekend throughout the growing season the first thing they do on return is check the crops. It is no different at the end of January. Farmers need to be ‘checking the crop’ in storage. That means checking the temperature, checking for insects.”

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