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Mine clean up

Safety and excavation works at the historic, open-cut Belgian Mine in Bealiba Barp State Forest, near Goldsboroughnext week, to improve public safety and deter future illegal rubbish dumping.

Forest Fire Management Victoria Senior Forest Management and Roading Officer Lynda Mabon said crews would mechanically excavate debris and rubbish from the pit from June 3.

“Works will include installation of fencing, signage, and bollards to improve public safety and restrict vehicle access and promote rehabilitation of the site,” Mrs Mabon said.

“Works will take approximately two weeks to complete.

”The mine, which is over 50 years old, has unfortunately been used as an illegal dumping ground and the area is unsafe for the public.

“The depth of the mine was originally 80 metres, however illegally dumped rubbish has almost filled the entire pit.

“The area has also deteriorated after decades of erosion. This poses a great risk to the public if the mine collapsed.

“Currently, there is open public access to the site along a number of tracks. FFMVic officers conducted a safety assessment of the area and found it presents a public safety hazard.

”We are reminding people that disposing rubbish anywhere except an authorised landfill is illegal.

“Dumped rubbish causes environmental problems such as pollution of land and groundwater, it can produce odour and dust as well as possibly impacting on wildlife and encouraging vermin.”

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