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Mincha West keeps form

Loddon Valley tennis resumed on Saturday after the Christmas break.

There was a big win to ladders Leaders Mincha West defeating Calivil North and also to Serpentine who had a great win over Calivil.

Dingee and Raywood had close men's and mixed sections except for the ladies with Dingee winning all six sets and conceding only six games.

With players still harvesting or away Lake Meran forfeited to Yarrawalla.

Calivil Men 15 lost to Serpentine Men 42

Calivil Ladies 20 lost to Serpentine Ladies 41

Mixed Calivil 11 lost to Serpentine 42

Losing only one set for the day, Serpentine 125 defeated Calivil, 46 games, 5 points to 0.

Raywood Men 35 def Dingee Men 32

Raywood Ladies 6 lost to Dingee Ladies 42

Mixed Raywood 34 lost to Dingee 36

Overall, Dingee 110 defeated Raywood, 75 games, 4 points to 1.

Mincha West team was home to Calivil North winning all sections, 125 to 39 games, losing only 1 set (5 to 0 points.)

Mincha West Men 41 def Calivil North Men 13

Mincha West Ladies 42 def Calivil North Ladies 12

Mincha West Mixed 42 def S Calivil North Mixed 14

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