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Merino field day date set

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

THE Loddon Valley will host Victoria’s first major merino field day in almost a year this month,

President of the Loddon Valley Stud Merino Breeders’ Association Alan Harris this week confirmed the annual field day would be held on February 26.

Four studs will have open days while a further 10 members of the association will have merinos on display at Serpentine recreation reserve.

“Last year, we were one of the last merino events before COVID,” the association president said.

“Now we’re ready to go ahead in 2021 as one of the first events back for the industry.

“As the first major field day in Victoria since COVID, our members are keen to display their stock and just as importantly, be back to together again.”

Mr Harris said that with COVID restrictions still to be observed, it had been decided the field day program this year would not include guest speakers.

He said the industry across Loddon Valley had adapted to restrictions in place at times throughout the past year.

Individual studs had hosted on-property sales during the spring and added online platforms for their sales.

“There had been excellent results and most sales exceeded expectations. The online inclusion worked well for studs and gave them additional exposure in the industry,” Mr Harris said.

Meanwhile, concerns for community health and observing social distancing were at the forefront of the decision to cancel the Wedderburn Detector Jambouree.

Following last week’s announcement, event organiser Karen Fazzani said it was the first time in more than two decades the event would not be held on the March long weekend.

She said the event normally attracted 500 participants over two days from across Australia.

“We had concerns about the risks of interstate travel and whether we could adhere to social distancing,” Karen said.

“It’s best not to risk someone unknowlingly bringing COVID into the community.”

Karen said many participants usually booked an extended stay in the region.

“So there will be a flow-on

effect,” Karen said.

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