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Meet the mobile butcher

LODDON mobile butcher Nathan Norman enjoys travelling the region, providing a quality service and hearing the stories of other people.

“I enjoy seeing different people every day,” said the mobile butcher from Newbridge.

“Catching up with repeat customers and listening to people’s stories ... everyone has a story. Some people I’ve chatted with for a while after the job, talking the game, the land or just what life throws at us.”

Nathan started as a butcher when living in Tasmania.

““I got a call from someone in the north-west. Their butcher had passed away suddenly. So three-plus hours from east to west, I finished what he had started and returned his chiller to the widow.”

Nathan said he was pleased to provide a specialist service to customers wanting their animals processed on-site.

“Some customers just want to eat and some are into the ethics of it, organically raising their own,” he said.

“My approach to the business is unique in the fact that I’m asked how I go about the process and I explain, bringing all the equipment I need and doing it there and it stays there. I provide the packing and labels so the customer isn’t inconvenienced.

“I’ve even had some completely contactless jobs.

“Honouring fixed quotes is another facet. I’ve found people are attracted to no hidden charges, being transparent. I think it works because I’ve had quite a few repeat customers and referrals in the two years operating in Victoria.”

Nathan said he was in contact with Deb Hancock at The Fat Butcher in Inglewood last year.

“And through her connections I settled at Newbridge,” he said.

“So far it’s been great getting out amongst the rural community up here.

“The volume of response to the business has been encouraging.”

Newbridge’s Nathan Norman comes to you ... the mobile butcher

Phone Nathan on 0466 265 326

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