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Manure fight spreads

FARM manure will be classed as industrial waste from July 1 by the State Government.

Ripon MP Louise Staley fears unwanted red tape while industry bodies have been left aghast by the Evironmental Protection Authority ruling.

The latest Government change for agriculture comes hot on the heels of it supporting the health rating demotion of fresh orange juice to the same level as diet soft drink.

Ms Staley says the industrial waste decision is another blow to farmers that “will impose significant restrictions on how farmers can store, transport and use animal manure”.

“This move will whack farmers with another lot of red tape they don’t need, at a time when the burden of red tape needs to ease on farmers.

“Animal manure clearly is not industrial waste. The EPA has been told this time and again by farmers, but from their offices in the middle of Melbourne, the EPA has completely ignored them.”

“The re-use of animal manure has been part of farming for centuries and has been done without risk to farmers, communities and consumers. This over-reach by Melbourne-based public servants has to be stopped.

“For organic and biodynamic farmers, animal manure is their main source of fertiliser so to classify it as industrial waste has particular negative consequences for these farming systems.”

Victorian Farmers’ Federation says it is disappointed that farmer’s views have not been listened to by the EPA.

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