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Mal's miniatures

MAL GILMOUR has spent 50 years painting Australian landscapes on large canvases that have been praised by buyers, collectors and admirers.

But in the scaled down life of lockdowns in 2021, Mal has directed his creativity towards miniature paintings.

“Miniature paintings have always been a favourite, however, it is only the last several years where I felt comfortable with this work,” said the Inglewood artist.

“I have no tricks. I see landscape, I feel it and I have lived and worked in it. Miniature paintings

feel personal and private, there are only centimetres between the painting and the artist.”

Over the weekend of October 23 and 24, Mal will exhibit for the first time a collection of miniature works, some no bigger in size than a postage stamp.

The 23 paintings in Mal’s 2021 collection came after “experimenting to see if I could do it”.

“I had painted a few miniatures in the 1970s but this time is has been the focus,” he said.

“Painting is not just buying the frame, the colours or if you want to have flowers on the canvas.

You have to to work for a long time, develop your style.”

Mal said his approach to miniatures painted for the 2021 collection started with the thought process.

“That could be at least two days and then you have to sketch very carefully. You have to be absolutely accurate and there’s no room for errors on a painting this small,” he said.

“The result has been a complete collection of miniature oil paintings.”

Mal’s continued popularity comes through with the number of red stickers on many of the works on show in the collection.

“It’s nice to see red stickers on the sold paintings,” he modestly says in the studio that also acts as a gallery showcasing his works over more than 50 years.


10am-4pm October 23 and 24, 7 Tarnagulla

Road, Inglewood.

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