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THERE’S been a cynical offering from Bradley of Boort in the final days of the federal election campaign. Appended to the Treemendous Sign has been Bradley’s commentary on what can happen in forming a new Parliament as the result of the good voters of Australia exercising their democratic responsibility.

TALKING about exercising responsibility, the garrulous mob who masquarade as football umpires were lamenting the non-appearance of one of their own in OTF. They have reason, quite rightly we believe, that this said person had been enjoying the laughter-laden banter resulting from his colleagues copping regular mentions. They are now suggesting the said umpire should take charge of the next social barbecue after training ... where he can be roasted accordingly for transmitting information to OTF and be officially dubbed Luckless Grills. No doubt they were inspired by the well-cooked fare on the barbie at Serpentine on Saturday.

WASN’T it just wonderful so see so many flock to Bridgewater for the Active Farmers’ Run for Resilience on Sunday. Jany the raffle table queen again excelled in having, not raffles this time, but the many spot prizes exquisitely arranged. She’s a legend at laying out the prizes! If only the umpires had been there to run the course.

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