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Looking at first 12 months


FIRSTLY I’d like to take this opportunity to thank both Jude Holt and Cr Beattie on their leadership over the past few months as Acting CEO and Mayor.

Both have put in a big effort in challenging times.

And secondly to congratulate Lincoln on his appointment as CEO of Loddon and to Cr Dan Straub as mayor-elect. Here’s hoping the coming 12 months allow us the opportunity to enable Loddon to fully proposer once again.

One year ago I was elected as the Inglewood Ward councillor. It has been a learning curve I have really enjoyed.

But it has also been a busy 12 months working from home, assisting three children home learn and participating in my community.

The highlight for me has been getting to know new people and groups and having insightful and challenging discussions. My primary focus is to ensure communication is open.

The Calivil, Newbridge and Inglewood communities have presented their Community Plans showing the passion each of these communities has for their area and residents.

We have had in depth discussions with Council Officers and stakeholders on projects such as the Skinners Flat Reservoir development, feasibility of sewerage in Newbridge and the Boort flood levy bank.

I’ve attended community meetings to discuss the lack of childcare options in Loddon as well as many one to one discussions with individuals.

Several important documents in the Council Vision and Council Plan, the Municipal Health and Wellbeing Plan and the Long Term Financial Plan have been developed and adopted. The Community Reference Group put together some very informed visions for Loddon for the next 10 years with council officers and councillors developing a five-year council plan in support.

The Long Term Financial Plan is a 10-year plan assisting council to deliver financially sound budgets.

It’s important we hear from you. I’ve held two recent listening posts and will be holding more in the coming months. Online platforms tools to stay in touch but unless it is directed to the people who need to know, it’s unlikely to be heard. Get in touch directly with your councillor or a council officer.

Communication is being open to sharing, listening, understanding, learning and being challenged on your thoughts.

* Cr Murphy is the Inglewood Ward representative on Loddon Shire Council

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