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Locals Aussie born and bred

LODDON Shire residents are mostly Australian born and bred, according to 2021 Census data released last week by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Just under 80 per cent were born in Australia. The fast rising country of birth for Loddon residents is the Philippines with England the highest response for other countries.

More than half the shire’s population is aged 50 and above, the 60-64 group with 10 per cent of the population.

The Census results have shown an increase in the shire’s population for the first time in decades and was welcomed by councillors at their shire council meeting last week, hours after news of the rise had been released.

Catholicism and Anglican remain the largest Christian faiths while 40 per cent of Loddon residents said they had no religion.

The Census showed 1352 people had been providing unpaid care for children while a quarter of residents had been involved as volunteers with local organisations in the previous 12 months.

Last year’s Census was conducted during COVID lockdowns and restrictions that had limited volunteer activity for the previous 18 months.


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