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Local safety committee

VICTORIA Police will form a Loddon local safety committee.

They say the committee will “co-ordinate and collaborate with stakeholders and make genuine and lasting change on areas of community safety and perceptions of safety”.

Police also say the committee will provide community oversight, input and support for its neighbourhood policing model.

Among members of the committee will be a community representative with expressions of interest closing on May 31.

Meanwhile, the police community sentiment survey is in its final days with responses also closing on May 31. As part of the Neighbourhood Policing Framework, Victoria Police says it is focussed on being agile, responsive and visible in addressing the local community’s needs.

The survey aims to target police services to the issues important to the community.

A summary of survey responses from local communities, including those in Loddon, is expected to be released next month.

The survey is available at www.engage.vic.gov.au/annual-vicpol-community-sentiment-survey-2022

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