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Local produce on the menu

Updated: Jun 9

Riverside dining is rocking at Bridgewater where the town’s hotel is drawing people from across Victoria

for a gastronomical experience in a unique setting. The hotel’s head chef Ethan Egan has just devised a special menu for summer tastes and talks with the Loddon Herald about putting together new dishes with local and seasonal produce.

Where did you start in forming a vision to create the new menu?

When designing any menu it is really important to try and cater for as many different tastes and dietary requirements as possible. This has always been first and foremost one of the first factors you take into consideration. Next, I always look to utilise local producers as best as possible, it’s hard not to take advantage of quality ingredients that our amazing producers have available. Finally you look at what your current clientele are ordering the most of and try to play to their tastes, if particular cuisines and styles of dishes are really popular on the previous menu it makes sense to try and promote them as best as possible on the new menu.


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