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Sir, Well I suppose congratulations are in order to Anne Webster winning the Mallee electorate again for the National Party and, I guess, on her being made an assistant shadow minister for the Coalition now in opposition in Canberra.

But as one of Dr Webster’s constituents, in a bout of unsubstantiated optimism, I do hope that towns in the Loddon part of her electorate have a better level of representation than that given in the prior three years.

I don’t even need one hand to count the number of times Dr Webster has been sighted down south, certainly in Wedderburn at least. One would think a visit to the shire, local businesses and constituents would be beneficial to get a feeling of how things are going in a particular area.

I get that Mallee is a huge electorate yet that is no excuse for our parliamentary representative to focus on large population centres and forget the smaller ones where there are not as many votes but we like to think that we are still important.

There are issues around country towns that have demanded for a long time someone to stand up in Canberra to give country towns a voice and follow that through with action, particularly now that she is involved in regional development as an assistant to the shadow minister.

The best Dr Webster could do on child care during the campaign was that she would write a letter. Despite an increased majority, I and I know others expect more from the member of Parliament than just writing a letter. The majority of smaller centres are struggling but I believe with assistance from our elected representatives we could do measurably better.

I challenge Dr Webster to come south more often, visit Loddon towns, talk to locals and do some proactive work. Otherwise, that safe margin may shrink dramatically when thinking people decide to look for better representation.

Yours in disillusionment.

Geoff Burnside


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