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SEVEN pupils from East Loddon P-12 and Boort District School have returned from the School for Student Leadership with enthusiastic plans for their communities up their sleeves.

The Year Nine students attended the Alpine campus for nine weeks, where they worked in collaborative groups and independently on a range of skills.

Among the tasks they were given was a community learning project, which aims to instil positivity into their local areas.

Each school group brainstormed achievable plans that would benefit their town.

Harry Malone, from Boort District School, said his group’s project aimed to help restore enjoyment after lockdown barriers.

“Our CLP is going to be a fun day out for the community, with a sausage sizzle and heaps of activities,” he said.

“We want to help people relax and restore community connection after hard times in lockdown that meant our town couldn’t run its usual activities.”

In its project overview, the Boort group said this event would look to bring the town together.

“Throughout the last two years our community has gradually become isolated. We are no longer as social. When the time came to create our community learning project, it seemed obvious to focus on this fact. Our vision is to bring our small community together after hard years in lockdown.”

Fellow student Ella Streader said the plans were productive and would be enjoyable to fulfil.

East Loddon student, Fynn Clymo also put together an outline of a project. His idea proposes the creation of a pump track (bike track) in his area to provide youth with a place to ride.

The project is a focus within the program and encourages these young Loddon leaders to get out into their communities.

The students’ plans will be completed in the coming months, while their involvement in communities will continue to grow.

In the future, they want to use their newfound knowledge and skills in the wider community, and also in their schools as they take on leadership roles.

Like her fellow students, Ella said she aimed to get out into her community more.

“I’m going to try and help people who need it.”

Max Beattie said the opportunity was “a once in a lifetime experience.”

The students have improved their collaborative skills through interacting with a diverse group of people.

As Fynn said, there were students from “a variety of backgrounds” to mingle with, which taught them how to communicate with people by first understanding their story.

Students from both East Loddon and Boort have previously undertaken the program and have stepped into roles within their sporting clubs and schools.

The Boort group will be assisted by Year 10 peers who were unable to complete their project last year due to lockdowns.

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