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Lawn finals start Saturday

Boort tennis finals start this Saturday.

Leaghur are the team to beat, going through the season undefeated, while Mysia leapfrogged Barraport with a win over them in the final home and around round.

Marmal haven’t quite hit their straps yet, but come finals the slate is wiped clean and anything can happen.

Results. Leaghur 107 d Marmal 74. Mysia 114 d Barraport 59.

Final Ladder: Leaghur 24, Mysia 12, Barraport 8, Marmal 4.

Finals format: Semi-finals 1 v 4. 2 v 3 on March 19. Winners play in the grand final on March 26.

Meanwhile, the club has also started receiving entries for its Easter tournament.

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