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Laughting into the weekend

HERE'S a few bits from this week's Over the Fence Column to send you off for the weekend with a smile!

BRADLEY of Boort has opted for a seasonal greeting on his latest Treemendous sign, taking inspiration from the autumnal colours dropping to the ground to create a rainbow carpet.

WE think his pun on “re-leaf” is pretty good. No doubt there were a few members of the Active Farmers’ group sharing in re-leaf, no, not after packing up from the previous weekend’s Run for Resilience in Bridgewater but rather the normal Saturday morning fitness session. Turns out the wonderful Claire had extra for those attendees whose dial appeared in the pictorial spread featured in last week’s Loddon Herald. We think those who stayed away may still face the fitness music when finally returning to the Saturday morning sesh ... either that or they will foot the later coffee bill.

NOW speaking of the Active Farmers’ group, we were delighted to hear that many of the members sit down for Thursday night dinner and run through our weekly quiz. Turns out, they think questions have been a bit on the hard side of late. Hopefully, we can make amends there and also include, at their suggestion, a few more agricultural -type questions.

THE election, now done and dusted, certainly raised some questions for one political warrior in the Wedderburn district about his allegiances among the weekend’s Mallee field. It seems he erected not one but two banners in the front yard of a property ... for two candidates!

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