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Keeping 'em fit

Updated: Oct 20, 2021



JOHN Vanston hasn’t put on a pair of football boots in 30 years but every Saturday he’s still helping players get on the ground.

After a career that started in Inglewood, took him to Serpentine and South Bendigo, John is back as a trainer with Inglewood.

John farmed at Salisbury West before moving into Bendigo and is a qualified myrotherapist.

A knee injury ended his playing days in 1982 and he took up being a football trainer in 1989. He is a life member of the Serpentine and South Bendigo clubs.

These days, John does his work from the sidelines, delegating on-field attention of players to his offsider Tanya Leach.

“I hope we can encourage a few more locals to become trainers,” John said.

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