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Jarrod's domination

JARROD Savage has claimed his 13th Boort Easter tennis title.

Savage, who first took out the single’s crown in 2006, returned to tournament glory for the first time since 2018.

He was edged out of the honour by Aiden Fitzgerald in 2018.

And one of the first to congratulate the Heatherdale club professional in Melbourme was a spritely Alf Stringer, winner of the title in 1961.

Savage also won the mixed doubles, teaming with wife Natalie who was beaten in the women’s singles championship by Julie Wardle.

Men’s championship: Jarrod Savage d Jarrod Rodda 6-3. Women: Julie Wardle d Natalie Savage 6-3. Men’s graded singles - Section 1: Hayden Weaver. Section 2: Eddie Wu. Section 3: Steven Pursell. Section 4: Rory O’Neil.

Men’s doubles - Section 1: Jason Hoghton, Nick Hoghton. Section 2: Jason Nalder, Ash Ross. Section 3: Paul Harris, Robert Hicks. Section 4: Brodie Wagner, Tim Wagner. Section 5: Greg Williamson, Matt Kane. Section 6: Aiden Pipicelli, Cooper Pursell. Women - Section 1: Gen Daly, Sandra Daly. Section 2: Carolyn Thorn, Kristen Dickson. Section 3: Carole Houlihan, Liane Weaver. Section 4: Amelia Watson, Charlie Telford. Section 5: Brianne Weaver, Emma Keeble.

Mixed doubles - Section 1: Natalie Savage, Jarrod Savage. Section 2: Susan Kamau, Travis Nagenthiran. Section 3: Mark Perryman, Judy Parker. Section 5: Lily Hosking, Fergus Bear. Section 6: Sandra Daly, John Daly. Section 7: Tammy Boyd, Jake Boyd.

Family mixed - Section 1: Kylie Hoghton, Cody Hoghton. Section 2: Abby Moore, Charlie Moore. Section 3: Jason Hoghton, Milly Hoghton. Section 4: Paul Telford, Charlie Telford.

Men’s doubles round robin - Section 1: Michael Cannington, Travis Nagenthiran. Section 2: Aiden Pipicelli, Cooper Pursell. Section 3: Jordan Wu, Jacob Tran. Section 4: Kingston Wu, Eddie Wu. women - Section 1: Kylie Hoghton, Milly Hoghton. Section 2: Susan Kamau, Jo Drum. Mixed doubles - Section 1: Carole Houlihan, Sam Hoghton. Section 2: Michael Cannington, Carolyn Thorn. Section 3: Jake Bourchier, Liane Weaver. Section 4: Kevin O’Neill, Sandra Daly. Section 5: Jack Jack Daly, Susan Kamau.

Veteran’s mixed doubles - Section 1: Carole Houlihan, Steve Doherty. Section 2: Liane Weaver, Glenn Weaver.

Boy’s singles - Section 1: Charlie Moore. Section 2: Brodie Wagner. Section 3: Lachlan Hall. Section 4: Jeff Doherty. Girls - Section 1: Milly Hoghton. Section 2: Maddison Powell.

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