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More Machiners suspended

Updated: Oct 20, 2021



  • Boden Alexander was found guilty by the tribunal on Thursday night of intentionally striking another Jake Willcocks. Alexander has been suspended for two matches and has also been given a a separate 2-match suspended sentence for the 2021 season.

  • Darren Clutton accepted the one-match set penalty after being charged with making unreasonable or unnecessary contact to the face of Pyramid Hill's Matt Ladson.

  • Alex Powell accepted a one-match set penalty for carelessly striking Jake Willcocks.

  • Liam Jacques was on Tuesday night suspended for four matches,


TWO players have been suspended on striking charges after two tight finishes in Loddon Valley football.

The tribunal sat on Tuesday night, handing Bridgewater rover Liam Jacques a four-week ban and Bears Lagoon Serpentine defender Joshua Walsh one week.

Bridgewater held off Pyamid Hill for their one-point win at Mitchell Park.

The Mean Machine dominated the opening quarter before the Bulldogs fired with eight goals in the second, taking a 22-point lead to the main break.

With a comeback in the third where Jacques was reported for intentionally striking Bulldogs’ forward Bradley Driscoll, Bridgewater snatched a three-point lead to set up an epic final term.

Leading league goalkickers Dickens (Pyramid Hill) and Martyn (Bridgewater) both booted four for the match.

Bears Lagoon Serpentine have cemented their place in fifth spot with a one-point victory over Maiden Gully.

The Eagles had an edge for the first three quarters, extending their lead at each break.

Walsh was reported in the second quarter for careless striking of Shaun Moyle.

Serp kicked three goals to one in the final term for a come-from -behind win.

The Eagles’ loss makes their chances of a finals appearance in September increasingly unlikely.

The league last week decided scheduled round nine matches will be played this weekend and the fixture will then continue from round 12 on July 3

A decision on rounds 10 and 11 and the finals is expected to be made next month.

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