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IT upgrades at hospitals

Updated: May 6, 2021

BOORT and Inglewood health services will share in the $30 million to upgrade and modernisation of IT infrastructure to help guard against cyber


The investment in health IT security was announced by the State Government on Tuesday.

The Clinical Technology Refresh program locally will be managed by Bendigo Health Care Group, with total combined funding of $1,105,460 for hospitals and health services across the Loddon Mallee region,

New infrastructure will replace older servers and operating systems will protect Victorian health services against growing sophisticated cyber-attacks.

The more modern infrastructure will reduce ICT outages and improve the speed of networks – both critical to safe and high-quality patient care.

Funding will also support the rollout of wi-fi at the bedside, a tool essential for doctors andnurses to assess patients, diagnose and plan care.

Member for Northern Victoria Region Mark Gepp said: “We are helping regional health services and hospitals upgrade their computers and IT infrastructure to strengthen reliability and cybersecurity.”

“This is about protecting them from cyber-attacks and making systems easier to use for doctors, nurses, staff and most importantly, patients.”

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