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ICYMI: Wedderburn deb ball

From the Loddon Herald December 2 2022 -

IT WAS a belated celebration for the Wedderburn College 2021 debutantes on Friday night,

With their presentation delayed six months it only made for an even more spectacular night.

The theme for the evening, ‘country’, was a perfect fit as it reflected all that living in the country is about: friendship, socialising, dancing, great food, volunteering and having fun.

Throughout the year, the eight debutantes and their partners were trained by Dede Williams, with support from Thomas Jackson.

They learned a series of traditional dances with a modern country twist and were very polished!

The debutantes were accompanied by the very adorable Sofia Caserta and Jye Laverty-Smith.

Sofia was excited to be a part of the debutante ball as her older twin cousins were making their debut that night.

Jye rocked a cowboy hat during the night, along with a very stylish red bolo tie!

The debutantes were very grateful for all of the volunteers who had made the night possible, with a special thanks to Kylie Cunningham and her parents’ association team for all of their work before and during the evening.

There was a great spread of food following the formal presentations and it was heartwarming to see everyone catching up and enjoying the social outing after an extended period of restrictions.

The DJ for the night was very lively and encouraging, teaching novice dancers some elaborate line dancing footwork.

This was the second Wedderburn College debutante ball for the year, the 2020 presentation being held at the beginning of the school year. Principal Danny Forrest and assistant principal Dean Lockhart both expressed pride in the resilience students demonstrated throughout the year.

From the stunning stage design, to the radiant students- the Wedderburn College 2021 Debutante Ball was a great success.

The debutantes on Friday night were Chelsea Giorlando (partnered by Finn Turnbull), Emily Elliott (Zac Slide), Samantha Arnup (Connor Winslett), Lahni Jackson (Jake Murphy), Aliza Lockhart (Mack Mathews), Crystal Hardiman (Josh Lowe), Olivia Lockhart (Coby Cunningham) and Montannah Gartside (Josh Lowe).


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