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Hoons rip up road

SKYLARKING hoons have ripped up bitumen on a Loddon road.

The damage was discovered Saturday morning with black tyre mark circles on the Bridgewater-Arnold road at the Newbridge turnoff.

A large pot hole had been created and the bitumen surface loosened in several other spots.

Loddon Shire director operations Steven Phillips said resources would be diverted to repair the road surface. Council manages maintenance on the road for Regional Roads Victoria.

““It’s frustrating when people think it is okay to do this and wreck a road,” he said.

“Our maintenance crews have enough to do without this type of stupid action.”

Mr Phillips said damage to roads by hoon drivers was rare in the shire.

“We generally don’t see this happen but when it does, it’s pretty disappointing,” he said.

“The majority of people do the right thing when they use roads in the shire.”

Sgt Zac Bull told the Loddon Herald that hoon driving on local roads was inexcusable and put the safety of other motorists at risk. “If people see this happening, ring us and we will have officers attend.”

Meanwhile, the return of traffic on Loddon roads to pre-lockdown levels has seen the placement of mobile speed cameras on the Calder and Loddon Valley highways in the past fortnight.

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