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Hi-vis tractor plan

PLANS have been drawn up to move historic engines and farm machinery to a high-profile location in Pyramid Hill.

The town’s historical society has more than 20 engines and farm vehicles stored at Mitchell Park but members want to have them on show all-year round.

The society has secured a lease for the former saleyard site in Kelly Street and plans to start applying for grants to erect a five-building complex.

Society vice-president Trevor McIntosh said some of the engines and tractors were more than 100 years old.

“We have more than 20 tractors at Mitchell Park but nobody gets to see them,” he said. “There’s a very rare A.H. Macdonald tractor from 1916 ... one just a couple of years older than ours sold for more than $A400,000 in the United State last year.”

Trevor said the Macdonald tractor was once displayed outside the town’s museum but later stored with other engines at Mitchell Park.

“We’ve a valuable and important collection that’s been built up over more than 40 years.. There’s an early McKay header, too”

Trevor the proposed Kelly Street complex, complete with viewing windows, would include relocation of Ruston Hornsby engine.

“The engine weights 11.5 tonnes and was originally used at the Boort Butter Factory before it was purchased by Pyramid Hill Co-operative Society and used as an auxiliary generator for the butter factory here,” he said. “When the pet food factory was in operation, the engine was again used as a back-up if supplies failed.

“The engine is still there, and we’ll move it plus the shed to Kelly Street to retain authenticity.

“We don’t want the Ruston Hornsby engine to leave town.”

Trevor and society secretary Helen Stevens said plans were being reviewed before grant applications were prepared.

“The Kelly Street site, right on the Bendigo road, is a great location with a lot of passing traffic to showcase the collection,” Helen said. Trevor said it was hoped the five-shed display complex would also open to the public at times. “We want to share these treasures.”

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