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Hemp plan interest

THERE was definite interest in the growing and processing hemp in the Loddon after a second meeting last week.

Tom Smith is proposing to process locally-grown hemp at the former Pyramid Hill pet food factory and says: “Time will have us in a great position to benefit in many ways from growing this truly wonderful ancient plant, I am sure.”

Mr Smith said potential business was now looking for contractors who could precision seed, direct drilling into mostly clay loam with a seed equivalent to sorghum in size at 150mm rows.

He said the meeting heard from John Middleton, of Hepburn Hemp, involved in agriculture, large scale manufacturing, start-up businesses supporting cannabis companies.

He spoke of the company’s involvement in the industrial hemp industry at Smeaton where growers are also supplying hemp seed to growers. Hepburn Hemp are also keen to value add the hemp products with grower participation.

The second meeting had been attended by a different cohort of farmers “and they showed much interest with plenty of questions”.

A third meeting was held last nightwhere Mr Smith said growing and sowing details would be discussed.

“The ultimate time to sow is mid-August early September for the greatest amount of quality biomas,” he said. “There were also future winter options prior to spring sowing to make benefit of autumn growth on irrigation and our winter rainfall.”


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