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Group's first meeting

COMMUNITY representatives have met with Advanced Energy Tech directors for the first meeting of the company’s waste to resources technology project interest group.

Saturday’s meeting with directors Adam Riley and Drew Chislett included a tour of the new Pyramid Hill demonstration facility and a presentation on Advanced Energy Tech plans when it becomes operational in early 2022.

The meeting was a great opportunity for members to be able to understand how the modular technology can benefit regional communities.

Group members will seek feedback from the Pyramid Hill district residents and businesses to allow for open and transparent communication.

“We want the community to know that there are solutions available for the ever-growing concerns around waste” Drew said.

“We want to work with communities to help find the right solution for that region”.

Interest group members Cheryl and Vincent Bartels have welcomed progressive ideas in the local community.

Cheryl said: “As one of the closest neighbours we feel confident good outcomes will be achieved for us our community and for Adam and Drew.”

This was the first of many meetings, as the interest group is expected to meet quarterly.

Other industry and community groups were scheduled to visit the facility in the coming months, Drew said.

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