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Good oil tipped

Updated: May 6, 2021

A RECORD olive harvest is predicted as workers and machinery head into local groves.

Picking of table olives has started at Boort’s Salute Oliva and the harvest of the 1.1 million-tree Boundary Bend grove will begin April 26.

Boundary Bend general manager horticulture Ruth Sutherland expects harvest of trees over the grove’s 3000 hectares will continue until late June.

“We have seen a strong demand for oil and this has brought the harvest forward,” she said,

“It’s looking good and will potentially be our best harvest for yield and quality.”

Peter Eicher, of Salute Oliva, said his oil fruit harvest would start next month.

“We are planning on an early May start ... the ripening has been a bit slower this year because of the amount of fruit on trees,” he said.

“It will be our biggest ever and a contrast to last year that was poor across Victoria, South Australia and parts of New South Wales when there was good flowering but not the pollination due to hot weather.”

Peter expects to pick up to 80 tonnes of olives.

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