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Good news in faith and deed


THERE is a great deal to be worried about in today’s world. We are still emerging from the COVID pandemic. There is the news from Ukraine. Flooding in NSW and QLD.

And for many the rising cost of living is a serious concern.

I was recently speaking with a family expecting their fifth child. They need a bigger house, but on one salary, the family can no longer afford their current rental. The problem is, there are almost no rental properties available, and those that are on the market cost more than they can afford.

In my time in the parish of Inglewood I have met a number of people who are at risk of homelessness, whose employment is unreliable, or who are under major stress trying to survive on a pension.

The good news of Easter is that God is not at a distance from our troubles, but has entered into the brokenness of this world.

At Easter, Christians across the world celebrate that Christ died on a cross, and rose from death to new life.

Through the cross of Christ Jesus, God has defeated evil. In his resurrection we find the basis of our hope and faith that a new way is possible, and God is remaking the world in His love and justice.

Each of us are called to respond to this good news in faith and deed. The message of Easter is not a lofty concept. It is real and practical. It is about God in the flesh, about the power of service and sacrifice, and the promise that this is the way of God.

Our communities face significant challenges in the coming years. The rising cost of living is just one of the many issues that we must confront together.

As we look around our world, we are reminded that it is futile to put our hope in politicians. As hard as they may try, we need more.

This Easter, we are called to respond in faith to the news that, through Jesus, God has made a new way possible. And we are invited to be part of this new way, a way that values real and practical love.

As dark as the world may seem, small acts of love are a powerful witness to the truth that God is with us, and give us hope in his way of love and justice.

Our church is only small, but we seek to be an expression of this real and present care of God in our community. At the moment we are working to open up the church at Bridgewater as a place for people to come and have a cuppa, and also receive real and practical help like food parcels and help with bills.

We trust that in doing this, we will reflect the good news of Easter: that in the midst of the brokenness of this world, through the cross of Jesus, God makes forgiveness, love and hope possible.

Happy Easter to all!

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