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THE OTF grapevine has been working overtime this last week ... readers wanting to share stories that they feel ... well, should be shared. We had a person, who for the sake of offering rare protection, tell us about the father pretty annoyed with his son. Said son likes to engage with conversation at all hours with new friends he meets at social events and on the dance floors. Dad is pretty used to this but thought son was punching above his weight at the big sheep and wool show where the youngster sidled up to none other than popular weatherwoman Jane Bunn. With photo snapped, son has been filling the breakfast table cereal bowl with taunts of outdoing the master!

THERE’S been a few road safety follow-ups in this column over recent weeks. And the report of a Midnight Dip a couple of weeks ago has seen friends of The Oracle surface with yarns of the said umpire of renown being at times forgetful when it comes to having the handbrake engaged when parking vehicles on his property along the Loddon River. Whether exaggerated or not, at last count OTF has The Oracle having not twice but thrice retrieve motorised farm horses from unexpected paddles in the water.

INHABITANTS of our fair land have something of a reputation for adding a Y, or O or I to people’s names in acts of friendly endearment. A new arrival to the Loddon has a surname that ends in I, so the locals have simply changed that to O. No argument from the recipient of name-change banter. Let’s wait and see if his served fare will be badged as a parm-I or parm-A.

MUST be positive vibes in the air for people returning to the Loddon. Kylie, the new Inglewood post office owner, has reported never having had so much fun doing the Christmas shopping ... in July. Can’t beat those businesses on the ball to order stock from suppliers in time for husband’s to find a present for the wife on Christmas Eve! Kylie said: “First time I’ve ever Christmas shopped when it’s not late December.”

ACCORDING to legend, Christmas in July was first celebrated at a summer camp in 1933, when Keystone Camp in Brevard, North Carolina, decided to dedicate two days (July 24 and 25) to the holiday—complete with cotton fake snow, a decked-out tree, a gift exchange, and, of course, Santa.

THERE was a Hollywood movie called Christmas in July made in 1940. So for son of The Oracle, he may not have made a movie but it’s a sure bet his photograph with Jane is a bit like Christmas coming early, we reckon.

AND in case you haven’t done the maths, there’s just 150 days to Christmas.

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