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Get set for centenary air race

THE first official air race in Australia flew from Serpentine in central Victoria to the Melbourne Town Hall on Friday 27 August 1920.

The event was the joyous finale for the four aviators of the famous Australian Flying Corp - Matheson, McKenzie, Mustard and Treloar - with four mechanics, Bacon, Hankin, Hazlitt and Moss who had been traversing Victoria during August 1920 promoting the latest Commonwealth Government bond sale.

The Second Peace Loan saw £25 million raised from Australian-based businesses and individuals.

The money was used to service existing war effort loans, repatriate the war-weary servicemen and women back into civilian life with hospitals, housing, retraining, employment, restructure of industry to peace time work, farming land acquisition to name but a few.

Finally, after COVID postponements, the big centenary air race will be held on March 20.

This week's Loddon Herald has a special wrap-round about the race and the centenary.

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