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Game hunting plans

The Victorian Government has said it is delivering new programs to support safe, responsible and sustainable hunting across the state.

The next phase of the Sustainable Hunting Action Plan (SHAP) 2021-2024 was announced this week, backed by $5.3 million funding from the government.

The four-year plan will support the state’s 60,000 licenced game hunters, improve animal welfare and help facilitate important research.

The government is providing $1 million to increase the role of Traditional Owners in managing the land where hunting takes place.

This funding will be provided to implement the Traditional Owner Game Management Strategy, which was a key achievement of the most recent Sustainable Hunting Action Plan.

Members of the Traditional Owner community led the development of the strategy, which was launched earlier this year at Tang Tang Swamp – a pilot project showcasing a Dja Dja Wurrung led restoration of Country including replanting native vegetation along with restoring cultural water and fire regimes.

New grants for community initiatives will be available under the strategy to fund a range of activities such as regional game food events, habitat restoration and conservation projects, hunter education and research.

The strategy also outlines the need for better access to information about hunting locations by enhancing the “More to Explore App”, as well as new education programs through online learning modules and improving animal welfare through wounding reduction action plans.

Hunting is a popular recreational activity in Victoria that makes a significant contribution to the economy.

Game licence holders added an estimated $356 million to the Victorian economy in 2019, supporting around 3100 full-time-equivalent jobs.

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