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Funds for new station

THE tin shed fire station at Serpentine will be replaced with funding announced in the State Budget last week.

Country Fire Authority volunteers in the town have been advocating for the new station since 2018.

The current building was erected in 1956 and should have been replaced by 1996.

Serpentine had been in the top five locations on CFA District 20 priority list for new stations.

The current station has non-compliant operational areas and would not accommodate the design of future fire trucks.

Captain Richard Evans hopes the new station will assist in recruiting more volunteers to the brigade and increase membership diversity.

The current station has only room for the brigade’s firefighting truck and limited equipment.

There are no change or toilets facilities and no meeting room.

“We have 15 active members and we all take pride in our job as volunteers in the community,” Richard said. “When we’re needed, we’re there.

““Hopefully the new station will generate more interest in people becoming a member of the brigade.”

Secretary Simon Tuohey said that with funding announced, the next step was to identify a site for the new station.

The current site is not suitable for a large building.

He said talks would be held with Country Fire Authority headquarters and Loddon Shire Council.

Brigade members said there were excited that planning for a new station could now start.

“We’ve been advocating for three years, when we first raised with (Bendigo East MP) Jacinta Allan) but it should have been replaced 25 years ago,” Simon told the Loddon Herald.

Serpentine was one of three new CFA stations funded in the budget.

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