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Friday night juniors

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

A FLEXIBLE draw for Loddon Valley league junior football will give players a game every week.

League president Simon Tuohey yesterday announced games would be played on Friday nights and Saturdays to keep under 18 players engaged.

Just five of the league’s nine clubs have committed to fielding under-age teams - Calivil, Inglewood, Bridgewater, Maiden Gully and Marong.

Tuohey said the five clubs would play each other on Saturdays when drawn to meet.

The Friday night side of draw would cover clubs scheduled to meet any of the league’s four clubs not fielding a junior team this season.

“This is about keeping the participation levels up for our juniors, maintaining a competition for the kids and keeping the integrity of the league,” Tuohey told the Loddon Herald yesterday morning.

“With only five clubs able to field a junior side, we must keep our young players engaged,” he said.

Tuohey said Inglewood and Calivil were still struggling for numbers but both were committed to being on the ground.

“The call is out for junior players in the region looking for a game to contact the clubs,” he said.

“There will be a game every week for every club committed to putting together a junior side.

“We’ll follow the main draw for the season and when there is not a game for juniors, the draw will see those clubs playing under lights at Maiden Gully on a Friday night.”

Tuohey said the league board was continuing to work with clubs who were all supportive of the new arrangements to keep junior football an important part of Loddon Valley fixtures.

Further details will be released before the season’s first round on April 10.

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