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Football, netball feast

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

SIX CLUBS brought community sport back to the people last Saturday in Pyramid Hill, ending a year without football and netball.

The pre-season hitout had cars ringing Mitchell Park, the canteen once more selling pies and hot dogs and the bar a popular place for players and supporters.

It was the first time the Pyramid Hill club had staged the pre-season festival of sport.

And club president Bruce Moon said it was “awesome to see teams and communities together” after the 2020 seasons were abandoned due to COVID restrictions. “We were going to do it last year but COVID knocked that on the head.”

Loddon league clubs Pyramid Hill and Calivil were joined by Boort, Leitchville-Gunbower, Wandella and Cohuna.

Organiser Geoff Hickmott said two more matches - four clubs - could potentially be included in the day, with one match under lights. Bruce said: “We can certainly build on this great day.”

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