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First pet census

With more Victorians welcoming a pet into their family than ever, the State Government is backing the state’s first ever Pet Census to ensure pet owners have the support and services they need.

Minister for Agriculture Mary-Anne Thomas announced $613,000 from the Victorian Budget 2022/23 for the Pet Census, which will gather crucial information on pet ownership and attitudes of pet owners.

Currently, most data regarding pet ownership and registration is held by local governments and there is a lack of reliable and up-to-date state-wide information. The Pet Census will collect data across Victoria on a range of areas relevant to pet ownership and pet welfare, including:

  • the demographics of Victoria’s pet owners and their pets,

  • general matters relevant to pet health (e.g. diet, exercise etc),

  • the costs and services associated with purchasing and caring for pets,

  • the social and well-being impacts of pet ownership.

This will allow the Government to better prioritise and develop reforms and policies that will benefit Victoria’s pets, their owners and the animal welfare sector.

According to Animal Medicines Australia, pet ownership rates in Australian households have grown from 61 per cent to 69 per cent in the past two years. The Census will help the Government better understand the impact of this ownership growth across Victoria, and how it can best support pets, their owners, and the industries that care for them.

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