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Firewood collection caution

The Conservation Regulator and Parks Victoria says Loddon residents purchasing firewood this winter must think before they buy by asking some key questions, to help stop illegal firewood operators.

In a statement today, the regulator said:

Each year Victorians are caught out unintentionally buying illegally sourced firewood which can lead to the loss of important wildlife habitat such as hollow logs and dead trees.

Firewood is often sold on social media websites, at roadside stalls and by word of mouth, and it can be difficult for customers to know where firewood for sale comes from, so before buying check the following information:

  • Where does your wood come from? Your firewood seller should be able to provide the details of where the wood they are supplying is sourced from. This includes a wholesale supplier, commercial wood lot or private land with the permission of the landowner.

  • Can I get a receipt? Your firewood seller should provide a tax receipt with a business name and ABN listed.

  • Why is the wood so cheap? If you’re buying firewood through social media websites and the firewood seems cheap, ask your supplier why.

Offenders found guilty of cutting or taking away more than two cubic metres of fallen or felled trees from Crown land face a maximum penalty of $9,087 and/or 1 year imprisonment. Individuals may also face an additional fine of up to $9,087 for destruction of wildlife habitat, while vehicles and equipment such as chainsaws and trailers may also be seized and forfeited upon conviction.

For more information visit: https://www.vic.gov.au/buying-firewood

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