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Fire at Kinpanyial

Twelve units are responding to a fire on Loddon West Rd, Kinpanyial.

The fire was reported about 4.03pm.

Official CFA advice says:

ADVICE - GRASS FIRE - Stay Informed

Incident Location: Loddon West Rd, Kinypanial

Issue Date: Friday 07 January 2022, 04:25 pm

Next Update: Friday 07 January 2022, 08:30 pm

More details at http://emergency.vic.gov.au/respond/#!/warning/19619/moreinfo

This Advice message is being issued for Bears Lagoon, Fiery Flat, Kinypanial, Powlett Plains, Serpentine.

- There is a grassfire at Loddon West Rd, Kinypanial that is not yet under control.

- This grassfire is travelling from Kinypanial in a northerly direction.

There is currently no threat to you, but you should stay informed and monitor conditions.

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