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Find joy in times


AS WE work through another week in lockdown, there is absolutely no doubt that this is hard.

We are all fatigued from constantly adapting and readapting as circumstances and rules change over and over.

The constant uncertainty is heavy. And we are tired and afraid.

Now is not the time for pretending that everything is wonderful, and “focussing on the positives”.

That kind of positivity is often toxic, as it invalidates how we are feeling, and leaves us feeling like we have failed if we feel sad, frustrated or angry.

What can be more helpful in these uncertain and scary times, is to acknowledge what is hard, uncertain and scary, while also looking for what else there is in life right now.

The smell of the first cup of coffee for the day. Your favourite song. A child’s laughter. Sunshine. A message from someone you love.

So often, the small things are the big things.

While the world seems out of control, we can make choices to notice these things alongside the hard things that are happening right now.

We can find our AND.

The other thing that is within our power is to reduce our expectations of ourselves. Given everything that is happening, now is not time to push ourselves, but rather to be kind.

So, in Lockdown 7.0, try to find the joy in the small things. And be kind to yourself.

Tips for managing in Lockdown 7.0

Acknowledge name and validate how you are feeling.

Practice self-compassion and reduce your expectations of yourself

Limit exposure to the news – curate your social media news feed and. Try not to watch the TV news or check the online news on repeat.

Look for the small moments of joy

Move your body

Eat well

Prioritise sleep

Connect with others where you can, online

Dr Malone, a Boort counselling psychologist, is the 2021 recipient of the Rural Workforce Agency Victoria’s Outstanding Contribution by a Rural Allied Health Professional award.

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