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Few trips to Canberra

The Federal Government has laid claim to changing politics with more transparency and

integrity but Dr Anne Webster, the Member for Mallee and Shadow Assistant Minster for Regional Development, argues the government has not started well, with the least number of parliamentary sitting days since World War Two.

Since Federation, only four years, 1916 and 1925, 1934 and 1937, have had less sitting days than currently scheduled by the Albanese government for 2022.

‘The role of Opposition is to hold the government to account, and parliament is the formal

environment in which that takes place. The Albanese government faces no formal scrutiny while it fails to meet the Opposition in the House and Senate.’ Dr Webster said.

‘2022 has just 74 days of sitting scheduled, and only four other years since Federation have had less in the Great Depression and World War One’ Dr Webster said.

‘Even the four years of World War Two sat more days than 2022. While the world is still struggling to deal with a Pandemic, the Russian and Ukraine war, the threats from China and unrest in the Pacific, global supply chain disruption, a dispatchable energy crisis that shows no sign of abating, the Albanese Government sees no need to face scrutiny.’

The Anthony Albanese website states they will ‘restore the Australian people’s trust in their

government by establishing a powerful, transparent and independent National Anti-Corruption


Dr Webster said, ‘This is not a good indication that integrity and transparency will begin with the Labor Government.’

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