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Eight more cases

A further eight cases of COVID-19 have been reported in the Loddon Shire today.

The latest State Government figures take the number of active cases to 24.

Half the new cases are in the Boort district while two new cases have been reported in the Dingee area and one in Pyramid Hill.

The increase comes as the Government announced plans to recruit 1000 retired health workers and students to assist with rolling out the third dose of vaccines.

Millions of Victorians will become eligible for their third dose over the coming weeks, and a new pool of trained-up vaccinators will mean a broader workforce is available to prepare and administer COVID-19 vaccines, while also freeing up health professionals to return to their normal duties.

The expanded force will join nurse and pharmacist immunisers in state-run vaccination clinics for up to six months and will be supervised by experienced clinicians.

The Loddon Herald continues to update our communities and readers with latest information on the pandemic.

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