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Eagles off the blocks

THE future composition of Loddon Valley football is officially on the agenda.

The Loddon Herald has been told Maiden Gully wasted no time submitting its formal application to leave the league and move Heathcote league.

The application was submitted last Monday - August 1 - the first date any league transfer application could be lodged.

As the print edition of this week's Loddon Herald was going to press, no confirmation on the application had been received from the league.

But while no official statement has since been released, clubs have started discussing the Maiden Gully bid with Pyramid Hill holding a special members' meeting on Thursday night.

It has also been reported this morning that Loddon Valley league will hold a meeting on Monday night with Maiden Gully's bid on the agenda and when a decision could be made on the application's fate.

According to league sources, the Eagles may struggle for support from Loddon clubs to leave.

The Loddon Herald broke the news more than a month ago that Maiden Gully and Marong were in talks with Heathcote to leave the Loddon league. Heathcote later voted to welcome the two Loddon clubs.

Marong has yet to make formal application to switch leagues.

Currently, both Loddon Valley and Heathcote leagues have nine teams in their competitions.

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