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Dumpers are warned

PEOPLE illegally dumping rubbish at Wedderburn’s RV-friendly camping ground have been told to clean up their act.

Members of the Hard Hill Reserve committee of management and Loddon Shire councillor Gavan Holt say the illegal dumping is not the image they want for the town and RV campers.

Cr Holt, who raised concerns at last week’s Loddon Shire Council meeting, said RV campground users were excellent at respecting the Hard Hill Reserve.

He told the Loddon Herald yesterday that “the information is that the rubbish is being dumped is by people camping on blocks that don’t have a garbage service.

“They should be taking the rubbish to the transfer station and paying the fee,” Cr Holt said.

“At the moment they are going to places where this is a bin - Hard Hill and Cooper Park in Wedderburn - and just piling the rubbish up.

“It’s not very pleasant for RV users who wander Australia, or for the last year due to COVID Victoria, and are very respectful. My information is that they are not the problem.”

Cr Holt said there had been increased activity of people buying bish blocks in the shire.

“They may be putting a caravan or a container on the blocks and maybe living contrary to local laws,” he said.

“We don’t have the resources to be (always) checking but the shire certainly acts on any complaints. We are expecting that these people show respect and dispose of their rubbish properly.”

Cr Holt said RV campers were among Victorians and Australians encouraged to visit the Loddon and perhaps even considering a permanent shift to the region.

“Everyone is very conscious of presentation. If the place looks neat and tidy, people are proud,” he said.

“That’s the image we want.”

Loddon Shire has official RV-friendly camping sites at Boort, Pyramid Hill and Wedderburn.

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